Here you can find technical information about some used film-sheet- and thermoforming-machines. You can download these files on your computer. Please send an e-mail and attach these files, we will send you our quotation a.s.a.p.

If you are searching for used film-sheet-thermoforming-machines, which are not listed here please describe your demand and send it by mail with our contact/enquiry-form. We will answer soonest.


Folien-Platten-Thermoforming  Macchi coe-ex stretch-film-line -1.500mm Folien-Platten-Thermoforming 
Folien-Platten-Thermoforming  Folien-Platten-Thermoforming  Hudson Sharp Apollo bag making
Folien-Platten-Thermoforming  Kuhne KFB 70 1.600 blow-film-line Folien-Platten-Thermoforming 
Folien-Platten-Thermoforming  Leonard ribbon-extrusion-line Folien-Platten-Thermoforming  IMP MSA AUT blister-machine
Folien-Platten-Thermoforming  Kuhne KFB 70 1.600 blow-film-line Folien-Platten-Thermoforming  Illig RV 53 B thermoforming
Folien-Platten-Thermoforming  Kuhne KFB 70 2.000 blow-film-line Folien-Platten-Thermoforming  Stiegler ST 1-3 700WL bag-making
Folien-Platten-Thermoforming  Tecom blow-film-line -1.200 mm Folien-Platten-Thermoforming  Servotronic bag-making
Folien-Platten-Thermoforming  Bandera blow-film-line -2.200 mm Folien-Platten-Thermoforming  Weiß embossing-calender
Folien-Platten-Thermoforming  Reifenhaeuser blow-film-line -1.400 mm Folien-Platten-Thermoforming  Hettler HE 03 bag-making
Folien-Platten-Thermoforming  Folien-Platten-Thermoforming  Hettler HE 03 slitter-rewinder
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