single - screw extruders

Here you can find technical information about some used single-screw extruders for profiles, pipes, sheets, film and hoses. You can download these files on your computer. Please send an e-mail and attach this file, we will send you our quotation a.s.a.p. If you are searching for used single-screw extruders which are not listed here please describe your demand and send it by mail with our contact/enquiry-form. We will answer soonest.

Compoundierung  Ide ME 1-90-22D Compoundierung  Battenfeld B 1-70-20D
Compoundierung  Chin. Einschnecke 1-65-25D Compoundierung  Ide ME 1-45-25D_1980
Compoundierung  Ide ME 1-45-25D_1988 Compoundierung 
Compoundierung  Ide ME 1-45-25D_1986 Compoundierung  Krauss Maffei KME 1-45-30B
Compoundierung   Compoundierung  Unicor 1-25-25D
Compoundierung  Cincinnati CMS 1-90-28F Compoundierung  Krauss Maffei KME 60 XS
Compoundierung  Mueller 1-45-23D Compoundierung  Stork E 25 08 T1
Compoundierung  Weber NE 6 Compoundierung  Tecnocanto 1-32-25D
Compoundierung  Krauss Maffei KME 45 XS_1 Compoundierung  Tecnomatic LC 1-20-24D
Compoundierung  Krauss Maffei KME 45 XS_2 Compoundierung  Weber Es 1-60-25D
Compoundierung  Maillefer BM 150-18D Compoundierung  Esde 1-30-25D coextruder
Compoundierung  Compoundierung 
Compoundierung Compoundierung 

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